Babies- 4 years old:

Our Preschool Hallway is constantly monitored for safety and security of your children. When you and your family arrive to the Preschool Hall, you will be met with a warm and welcoming smile of our front desk attendant. She will ask you to fill out some information as well as a security sticker for you and your child. Upon picking up your child, you’ll be asked for your half of the security sticker to be admitted to the preschool hall. You will also need to show your sticker to the teacher in the room with your child.

Access to the hall is only granted to persons with the security sticker. If another person will be picking up your child, please talk to our front desk attendant for further instructions so we can make sure you child remains safe and is picked up by the proper person. Persons with out a security sticker will not be admitted into the preschool hall.

We make sure there is only necessary foot traffic in that hall and there is only one entrance and exit to our preschool hall. All our preschool rooms share a bathroom, are equipped with large windows into the room and a phone in case of emergencies. Our playground is locked and cannot be entered from outside the building.

On Wednesdays during Sprouts babies through 2 years old follow the same procedures above.

Sprouts IMPACT & Bible Story for children ages 3 and 4 are not in the preschool hall but in B Education building. Please notify your teacher if someone else is picking your child up and who to expect. Person picking your child up may be asked to show their ID for verification if not recognized by teachers.

K-5th Grade

Children Kindergarten through 5th grade will be electronically checked in on Sundays before Sunday School at the Breeze Way Info Center or in front of the preschool. You can check in all your children at either location.

Wednesdays all children will be checked in electronically in The Corner before activities to receive a name tag & security sticker. Children must be picked up by someone with the security sticker who is high school age or older. Children will not be released without someone to pick up. Once your child is picked up they are free to play in the gym or outside playground under your own parental supervision.

What You Can Do

We want your child to have a safe, fun time at church as well as the other children, adults, and teachers! So there are a few things you as a parent can do to make sure everyone is safe and happy:

  • Know where your child is at all times. We have a open campus with many people who come and go between family dinner, Bible studies, and more. While we are a community of followers, please keep your kids and other’s safety your top priority when they are not in the care of our teachers.
  • Encourage your children to walk, not run when traveling from place to place.
  • Encourage your children to get to class on time by dropping them off. Sunday school starts at 9:15am for all ages. Wednesdays, many children play in the gym between dinner and class time. We want children to enjoy this free time but make sure they are to class by 6:00 pm so that we can start our activities and fun with as few interruptions as possible. This is best accomplished when parents drop their children off rather than sending them on their own to class. We have set our Bible Studies up to start at 6:15pm so parents have time to walk children to their class and then make it to their own class without missing anything.
  • Please pick up your child promptly. Sunday School pick up is at 10:15am (Kindergarten-5th grade only) so all teachers can make it to service on time. Children’s Church after service as promptly as possible. Wednesday nights by 7:30pm. Again, our Wednesday night Bible studies let out at 7:15pm so you have 15 minutes to wrap up and pick your children up by 7:30 pm.
  • After Wednesday night activities, the gym is open for kids to play but please make sure there is adult supervision of your child during this time.

We appreciate you working with us to keep your child and everyone else safe and making church a fun, enjoyable place to be.